Foot Care

The intricate workings of the various bones, muscles, and ligaments of your feet, ankles, and lower leg make this section of your body susceptible to injury, disease, and other conditions. However, with proper preventative care, you can take an active role in protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs. 

Education is the key to maintaining good podiatric health. By understanding your specific foot care needs, including the best way to exercise your feet, ankles, and legs, you can reduce the chance of injury.

Review the following information to be better informed and to become proactive in improving your podiatric health:

Exercise Tips

Ankle Braces/Support

Best Walking Practices

Common Exercise Related Foot Problems

Leg Stretches

Proper Shoes for Activities

Running / Jogging Injuries

The Importance of Good Socks

Toe Exercises

Foot Care by Group

Foot Care for Athletes

Foot Care for Children

Foot Care for Diabetics

Foot Care for Everyone

Foot Care for Seniors

Foot Care for Women

Foot Care for Workers on Their Feet

Important Foot Care Information


Blood Blisters


Burning Sensation



Foot Fungus

Foot Odor

Ingrown Toenails


Proper Nutrition for Healthy Feet